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Turning Life Moments Into Art

Is what we do. 


Every portrait begins with you and your style. We have an easy path to help you discover what type of portraiture moves you and what style will work best for you.  Whether it's Classic, Timeless, Spirit or Our Signature Style, we can help you find your perfect match.




Sessions begin at $300 - Wall Decor from $318

Gift and Desk Portraits are available.


The Inspirations Behind Lesha Studios

Lesha’s journey as an artist and her appreciation of the moments that make up our lives began as a little girl.  Lesha was captivated by a good story.  Her Grandmother, who always had a flair for the eloquent, along with other family members, would talk about poignant moments in their lives.  Their stories told of the people, the places, and the things that had influenced and molded who they were.  In her imagination, Lesha would piece together the moments to create a picture of the world that their stories described.  


As a teen, Lesha was introduced to the world of photography.  It was her introduction to a portrait artist that would give light to her creative nature that she had developed as a young girl.  Over the next several years her skill as a photographer grew.  She began studying the art of portrait photography from the same artist that had inspired her years earlier.


It was when Lesha was in her twenties, during a trip to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., that all of the pieces would come together to coalesce the style and philosophy of her work today.  As Lesha walked through the different galleries, she admired the many works and various styles of the artists that were displayed there.  It was one piece, however, that captivated her so, that it remains, today, in her mind as the pivotal moment in her artistic growth.


The portrait was by James Jacques Joseph Tissot and is titled “Hide and Seek”.  Lesha recalls, “As I turned the corner I immediately saw the piece and noted its size.  It’s a larger piece, making it almost life-size like you were looking at the room into which the scene was set.  I first noticed what I perceived as the subject of the portrait, the little girl on her knees on the carpet in the foreground.  It was the artist’s use of the lighting that made her stand out from the rest of the piece.  I then noticed the expression on her face.  I was then pulled into that moment.  I began looking further and next noticed her mother or a woman sitting next to the window reading a paper.  As I looked more I found three other girls, possibly sisters, hiding behind a sofa.  Then I understood the little girl’s expression.  She was looking for the others that were hiding from her.  I felt like I was able to experience that moment.  I loved the story that it told”. 


It's from these experiences that Lesha has drawn her inspiration.